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The Solo Business Strategist


Weekly applicable tactics to build your business and find the people who need your help. So you can build that solo business everyone told you was impossible.

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Build a single person business. Find the audience that needs your help. Make the content that helps them understand that you are the right person for the job. Make Money.

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When the courses, guides, and worksheets aren’t enough. Let’s get hands-on with your Solo Business to create a focused strategy for your business to explode.




I’m Josh Walker, the solo-business strategist.

I help solopreneurs create the business they never thought was possible using the same skills that helped me:

  • Go from a negative bank balance to $100k in 4 years.
  • Become a Head of Software 6 months out of college.
  • Create a VP of Technology role for myself in only 30 minutes.

I combine a decade of product, technology, and marketing experience to help creatives, advisors, and coaches make the impact they were told is impossible.

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Find your unique message. Differentiate yourself. Build your tribe.

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Writing. Media. Video. Frameworks for creating endless content.

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Digital business models and free tools to run them. Find the model for you.

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solo business strategy

Effortless solo business engineering.

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