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About Me

Hi there. I’m Josh, Brand Strategist to creatives, advisors, and coaches.

I help solopreneurs optimize their brand strategy to attract clients they love without spending 8 hours a day sending painful cold outreach DMs or emails.

Why should you care? Because my knowledge of tech, product, and marketing helped me:

  • Go from a negative bank balance to $100k in 4 years.
  • Become a Head of Software 6 months out of college.
  • Create a VP, Tech role for myself in a 30 minute meeting with a CEO (at the age of 31).

Now, I could just sit back in my comfy corporate VP role and let the money roll in. But (this might surprise you):

I’ve never cared about climbing the corporate ladder. In fact, me and most of Corporate America don’t exactly get along.

  • Layoffs followed by CEO raises
  • Meetings to set up meetings to talk about meetings…
  • 60 hour work weeks to meet fake deadlines so [VP] can get their bonus
  • Shareholders disconnected from reality controlling a company
  • Billion dollar bailouts for companies who paid off politicians

Yeahhhh….. that’s just not my cup of tea. You know what is?

Helping as many people break the chokehold that corporate america has on us. And the best way that I’ve found to maximize my impact is to help solopreneurs find their passion, make money doing it, and impact the world in exactly the way they want to.

If that’s you, then we should talk today.


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