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If you have no mission, you’ll make no money.

To escape personal branding hell, you first need to understand and reclaim why you came here in the first place. A mission helps you to: 

  • Stay Focused
  • Be Patient
  • Align Action with your Intentions

A mission is made up of three parts:

  • The Impact you want to make to the world.
  • Why That Impact is Important to you.
  • And Specifically How You Will Make That Impact.

This is your guiding light. 

The impact you want to make. 

The motivation that will keep you going when things get hard. 

And most importantly – 

Your time is limited. There are more opportunities for you than there is time to complete them. And without a mission, you’ll often find yourself jumping. 

  • From tactic to tactic
  • From job to job
  • From approach to approach 

There is nothing wrong with pivoting. But if you find yourself doing it a ton of times in a single year, generally that means you’ve lost touch with your mission. 

So – let’s get this straightened out first and build our entire solo-business on top of it.

Clarify Your Mission 

Finding a mission or impact can take an entire lifetime. I’ve found that consistently “searching for purpose” or “a mission” is a circular journey. It never quite feels right. You can never find the right words. And once you sit down and push on that mission a bit, you change it. 

So – I’m sharing the list of questions that helped me get very clear and specific on my mission (impact, my big “why”, and my approach). You may find that these questions unlock a different way of approaching a mission and help you to clarify it.


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