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The SAVE Worksheet

The SAVE Method

In the “Business Social Media” sphere, the biggest challenges I see for many aspiring solo business owners are: 

  1. Evaluating your wealth of experience and choosing the most impactful, marketable skills to offer to your potential customers. 
  2. Wrapping those experiences into an appealing, clean package that potential customers can understand, attach to, and ultimately purchase. 
  3. Figuring out where to find those customers and validate that packaging. 

The SAVE Framework dives into four areas to allow you to review your personal experience to enable you to find what value you can elevate to the world. 

Skills: Which tools you have in your arsenal to help others. 

Aspirations: What you want both your life and the world at large to look like. 

Values: What you care about, and likely what your prospective customers also care about. 

Experiences: What you’ve been through, what you can share to help others connect to you. 

You can develop your own questions to fill out these areas, but to get you started – I’ve created the worksheet below to give some questions to get the juices flowing. 

Get the Worksheet Here.