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The Solo Business Incubator

A Secret Business Gurus Don’t Want You To Know

You don’t need any more business advice.

  • You don’t need “systems in order to scale”.
  • You don’t need “to take people off platform”.
  • You don’t need to learn “how to make great content”.
  • You don’t need to learn “how to build a personal brand”.
  • You don’t need to learn equations for cold outreach DMs.

You’re wasting your time.

Here’s why:

Until you have something to sell, people that want to buy it, and a way to get that thing in front of the people that want to buy it… you don’t have a business. And business advice is for people who have a business.

And if you’re like 90% of people building a solo business onlineyou don’t have a business yet.

Which means…

  • Learning how to cold DM better is irrelevant. You have nothing to sell the people in those DMs.
  • Learning how to generate more leads is irrelevant. You have nothing to lead those people to.
  • Learning how to market yourself on social media is irrelevant. You have nothing to sell to your followers.

But you’re just some dude on the internet. Why listen to lil old Josh?

well – I’ve been building tech products for ten years now.

Hey ya – I’m Josh.

I help solopreneurs create the business they never thought was possible using my ten years doing this stuff at a high level.

Experience like –

  • when I created a VP of Tech role for myself in 30 minutes by understanding high-level marketing.
  • when I built and maintained multi-million dollar products using the same secrets that silicon valley uses to create explosive products.
  • when I mentored my coworkers into millions of dollars of raises by helping them find their unique value and sell it effectively.

I combine a decade of product, technology, and marketing experience to help coaches, consultants, and advisors make the lasting impact they were told is impossible.

And I use my experience to help purpose-driven coaches, advisors, and consultants actually make the impact they were meant to.

Cool story bro. Why should I care?

Idk – would you like actually like to launch a business doing something that you love?

Would you like to stop working on meaningless projects that don’t fire you up?

Would you like to leave the lasting impact you’re meant to?

Then you need to learn the same tactics that Silicon Valley uses to quickly launch high-growth products that customers love.

The same tactics that I’ve used for the last ten years to launch products in weeks instead of months.

To say that differently:

I will teach you how to go from “I have so many great ideas” to let me get this in front of my customers” in 4 weeks. Now – if you’ve been “about to launch your business” for 3-6 months and you

….still have nothing to sell

….have no paying customers

….have an unclear content strategy

Then I need you to put Youtube/TikTok/X down and…

Join me in the Solo Business Incubator.

4 Weeks to choose the right idea, find the audience that wants it, and validate that they’re ready to buy it.

That’s way better than spending another 3-6 months “building content” right?

Here’s what we’re going to do together:

Week One: Find the right ideas to pursue.

A creative brain is a gift and a curse. A gift because it creates options. A curse because it creates too many. We’ll narrow down to the right ideas to focus on.

Week Two: Business-ify those ideas.

Coaches, advisors, and consultants who are purpose driven want to change the world. And they often can imagine 100 ways that they can make their impact.

But when it comes time to make money with that approach (so that you can focus on your impact full time), the brain tends to lock up.

That’s okay, we’ll run an exercise that will generate 1-3 actual business ideas in a few hours.

Week Three: Find The People Who Need Your Help.

We’ll identify your potential customers in week two.

In week three, we’ll use lean customer development tactics to find the people that can use your service and start talking directly to them.

Week Four: Validate Your Business.

Last – we’ll actually move into action mode. No more sitting on your hands wondering if this is the right idea, only to give up on it before it ever gets traction.

In week four, I’ll teach you how to go out into the world and validate that this business is worth investing in.

But That’s Not All…

You also get:

  1. A community to build with. Lifetime access to my closed community, where you will have access to myself and other coaches who are building just like you.
  2. One Weekly Group Call where I’ll teach you how Silicon Valley quickly creates and validates products, so that you can do this yourself in the future. We’ll also set goals for the week and check-in within the community.
  3. Another Weekly Group Call where we’ll review where you’re at and work as a group to climb over an walls that you’re hitting.
  4. Sneak-peak Access to any other offers I’m building, as I’ll be sharing exactly how I’m building my own business.

Sound good?

Join the waitlist to get first access to the Solo Business Incubator Launch (Black Friday deals only available to those on the waitlist ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ).