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One word makes the difference between frictionless sales and begging for money.

Happy Monday!

It was an exciting weekend launching The Solo Business Incubator webinar series. If you missed it on Saturday, we covered:

  • How all these newfangled business models are recycled.
  • Which terms to search to get guru courses for free.
  • The 3 mistakes that 90% of aspiring solo business make.
  • How to find the right online business model for you.
  • The SAVE Method: 1 Hour to clarifying your unique value.

Newsletter subscribers get the recording for free btw.

Large Creators and Coaches Understand One Word Better Than Everyone Else.

And that word is Cohesion.

The people who end up making the most money in the “Creator Economy” have crazy alignment within their business. Like – everything is aligned in their business.

  • How they invest their time.
  • How they funnel their audience.
  • What they prioritize in their content.
  • Which audience they attract in the first place.
  • How they reflect their message in their product.

It’s all tied together into a singular entity that makes perfect sense.

Let’s take a look at my current muse, Mr. Dan Koe.

His last three newsletters…

Use your mind, your knowledge, and your unique experiences to do whatever you want and make a ton of money.

Here’s his X bio:

Get your mind in order (mastery/aesthetics) so you can monetize it. Btw buy my book on focus.


Get your brain in order so you can utilize all that knowledge you acquire to make money (by writing).
That’s just the front of his funnel.

If you look at his products it’s more of the same.

From his Digital Economics product:

It’s giving…. “use writing to share your knowledge, participate in the new wave of education, and create a career for yourself”.

And it’s super effective.

Because everywhere you go, Dan is talking about how you can make a ton of money by organizing your knowledge, writing about it on social media, and then packaging it into products that you can sell.

(Btw – in my Webinar this past week, I went over how the “Creator” business model is actually a repackaged version of the “Information Product” business – and that you can find out how to do this without paying for his course).

But here’s the fun little secret.

Dan is just selling courses and products that help make you a better writer.

The Power of Cohesive Packaging and Positioning.

Imagine that he came out and said “I’m going to make you money by making you a better writer”. Would you care? Would you buy that?

Or would you buy his cohesive message:

The world is changing.
Education is failing.
People are looking to learn online more.

There is a new world emerging.
You can be at the forefront.
All you need to do is organize your thoughts and learn how to write effectively.

And you can be at the forefront of this movement.
And make a ton of money in the process.

Now buy my writing course, my “grow your audience using writing” course, and my “generate awesome ideas, so you can write better” SaaS product.

Cohesion is the most important word in frictionless sales.

The people making a shit ton of money from content creation on social media understand cohesion.

They understand:

  • What business model they are running.
  • What audience and specific pain points/dreams they are speaking to.
  • A singular message that hits on the audience and pain point over and over.

And that’s what makes them separate themselves from Joe Creator who “is building a personal brand online” and will never make money.

So my question to you…

  • What is your business model?
  • Who are you selling that business model to?
  • What message are you using to sell that business?
  • How does your offer reflect that message and dream?
  • Do all of the above play into each other effectively?

Now – if you’re not clear on the questions above, then my 4 week Solo Business Incubator Webinar Series is for you. We’ve already discussed the business models that creators, coaches, and advisors are using to make money online.

You can grab the recording by registering here:

This week, we’ll be taking the brainstorm of ideas that you came up with using the SAVE Method (it’s in the webinar, go watch it), and combine that into packages that make sense to people.

This is the week where we go from “some ideas” to “a set of packaged offers using my unique experience” that you can actually go and validate.

If you haven’t signed up for the webinar, you can do so here.

Once we enter the new year, I’m taking all the recordings down and refining this approach into a paid course.

This will be your only chance to get this webinar for free.

In 2024, it will be $250.

Until Next Week,


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