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From “I’m Building a Personal Brand Online” to “I’m Making a Living with my Mission”

Hey there - 

This is Week 1 out of 12 escaping the Money Twitter Trap - so that we all go from "I'm building a personal brand on Twitter" to "I'm building a fulfilling business so that I can spend more of my life making the impact I dream of". 

Last week, we talked about why Money Twitter is a trap that ends up swallowing purpose-driven creators and coaches. But it's really easy to say that, get a few likes / account growth, and then wait for the next market gap to show up. 

That's not what we're about here. We're about giving clear actions on how to go from "damn this is a problem" to "damn, I can't believe how far I've come". 

So - buckle up for the next twelve weeks as we figure out how to detach from Money Twitter and build the brand, business, and impact that we came here to build. 

TLDR: You Need a Mission. It sets the foundation of everything you're going to do from here on. Get the accompanying workbook that comes with these blog posts here.

Remember Why You’re Here.

Get in your time machine. Set the dial back. Go back to when you first came to Money Twitter. Before everyone told you how wrong you were.

  • What was your mission?
  • What was your goal?
  • What was your purpose?
  • Why did you start this in the first place?

Was it really

  • to grow to 10,000 followers?
  • to build an email list?
  • to make 10k/month?

Or was there something bigger? Was there something you wanted to accomplish? To accomplish? An impact to make?

What were you dreaming of?

I’m trying to help 1 million people create meaningful solo-businesses and careers. Everything here is free – I’d love if it you’d help spread the message.

Here’s the deal.

You need a bullshit buster if you want to avoid getting sidetracked again. The first step to building a bullshit buster is getting very clear on what it is you’re trying to accomplish.

And if you’re the impact-driven, want-to-fix-the-world, want-to-change-lives person that I know you are…

then we’ve gotta get really clear on your mission.

Because while your mission isn’t:

  • Getting 10,000 followers (who cares)
  • Making [x] dollars per month (why limit yourself this way)
  • Building a 5000 person email list (for what?)

And this may be surprising, but your mission also isn’t:

  • Helping people with self-development
  • Helping people get unstuck
  • Teaching people to have a “positive mindset”

Or whatever small, vague goal you have boxed yourself into.

Your mission is BIG. It has a clear why behind it. And it’s clear enough that you know whether you’re making progress on it or not.

A mission is made up of three parts:

  • The Impact you want to make to the world.
  • Why That Impact is important to you.
  • And Specifically How You Will Make That Impact.

This will be your guiding light. It will provide a north star to follow when the fog of money twitter/instagram/tiktok/youtube begins to capture you again.

Let me give you mine.

  • The Impact: I want to help millions of escape the system, create real autonomy over their lives, and engineer fulfilling lives.
  • Why That Impact: Our current economic and cultural systems are unethical. They benefit very few people at the expense of everyone else. Our government has not shown the capability (or desire) to fix it, and therefore it’s up to us to do so. And the only way I see that happening is if millions of people understand how to play the game better, and ultimately escape the need to participate in it. That is how we take the power back.
  • How Will I Make That Impact: I will help millions of people –
    • Build a meaningful, impactful business – so that they realize the full impact of their labor (instead of giving all the benefits to their employer).
    • Build enough wealth to exit the need to participate in the system at all anymore.
    • Ultimately, escape the need for the consumption / dopamine loop by replacing consumption with purpose.

This is my mission.

Everything below this mission is small beans.

  • Not at 10k followers? Who cares. I’ll be working on this for a lifetime, I’ll get there when I need to.
  • No Email List? Whatever – maybe I don’t even need one. Maybe I can just help people face to face.
  • No Clients Yet? Who cares. I’m going to be working on this mission whether I’m getting paid for it or not.
    • Note: Making money becomes important on the mission if you want to focus on it full-time like I do. But the point still stands.

And every action you take from now on will be in service of this mission.

Doesn’t that feel relieving?

Focus. Clarity. Patience.

What If I’m Having Trouble Finding My Mission?

You’re in luck.

Because, this entire series has an accompanying (free for now) course to follow along. This course is a direct link to my brain. The questions I ask myself, the steps that I take to build a meaningful business, and the most important part:

A clear step-by-step roadmap to go from “bulding a personal brand” to “making meaningful impact for a living”.

Here’s what you need to do to follow along.

  1. Open this google doc.
  2. Duplicate It.
  3. Share your copy with xjoshwalker [at gmail]
  4. Answer the prompts within the document
  5. Take those answers into the next section of the course.

Here’s a GIF if you’re having trouble – feel free to comment on this post if you need some help!

What Comes After The Mission?

Oh my friend – patience.

We’re building the foundation that you’re going to need to engineer the meaningful business/impact that you want to make.

I’ll send you the next step in a week.

But for now – you’ve got to take some time to consider this question and lock it down. Everything we do from here on will build on top of this.

Until then, grab the doc and share your answers with me.



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