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Money Twitter: Where Creators and Coaches go to die.

Let’s fix it together.

TLDR; Money Twitter is (largely) a waste of your time as a creator or coach. This article breaks down a few reasons why. But you don't need to read it. If you already feel this way then.....

Instead of continuing to invest time there - I'd love if you joined me on a 12 week adventure to go from "I'm building a personal brand on Twitter" to "I'm building a fulfilling business so that I can spend more of my life making the impact I dream of". 

It's free this time. Because it's an experiment. We'll be learning together. 

Next time - who the fuck knows. It depends on what results the early-adopters see. 

Reply to this email with "I'm In" to get on the list. (or comment below if you signed up after this email went out :)

Oh hey.

It’s me again.

Resurrecting this newsletter from the ashes for the second time. I took a few months away to get shit together outside of Twitter / my digital presence. In short:

  • Had to focus on 9-5 that was getting squirrly.
  • Entered Therapy. Learned a lot. Started sorting out the patterns that are blocking me from building the life I want.
  • Reflected more on what it would look like to be living the life I want.

And boy – that all helped quite a bit. If you’re interested in the questions I worked through to get where I needed to be, reply back to this email and I’ll share my notes.

That being said – here’s a raw, unedited thought explosion about Money Twitter that’s been a long time coming.

Money Twitter is a Waste of Your Time.

About a week ago, I posted a video entitled “Money Twitter is where Creators and Coaches go to Die”. It’s linked below:

I hit on the challenge that insulating yourself in Money Twitter is not allowing you actually reach an audience that can move your business forward. If that was the only problem, then I’d probably not care that much.

But there’s so much more:

  • There’s an absolute shit-storm of bad advice. Like advice that is literally taking you further away from your goal.
  • Most of the content shared is a distraction from what really matters. It is actively giving you a task list of distractions that makes you feel like you’re doing something, when in reality you’re just spinning your wheels.
  • Most of the content wayyyy overstresses the importance of building an audience on Twitter (so they can make money off you in the only way they know how… teaching you to build a twitter audience).

And it’s really, really hard to tell how much shit is floating in the sea if you haven’t really pursued owning a business or developing a product outside of the Twitter / Dan Koe / Ship30 / Justin Welsh / community.

So let’s straighten this out.


Money Twitter has Failed almost everyone who’s joined it.

And no – it’s not because people weren’t “consistent” or “disciplined”. It’s because the advice you’ve been given is bad. It’s not focused on building a business or career. It’s focused on making you feel like building a Twitter audience and “personal brand” is the end all be all of business.

But it’s not. Twitter (X) is one small piece of your business:

And while you’ve spent the majority of your time chasing X Growth – you’ve likely neglected building a product or service, completing actual market research, finding product/market fit, or investing in other forms of just-as-effective marketing.

And because of that – you’ve invested 3, 6, 9, 12 months into this… and you still don’t have a pathway out of your 9-5. You don’t have a path to monetizing your skill set. You don’t feel any closer to what you were promised:

A fulfilling career where you get to make an impact in the exact way you want to.

I’m going to be blunt. Money Twitter has failed 99% of the people that take part in it. There is not another industry out there (other than government) where you would invest 6-12 months of your time, not see a meaningful outcome, and you’d still keep investing.

  • You wouldn’t keep going to the same dentist if they had failed to fix the same cavity for 12 straight months.
  • You wouldn’t keep going to the same physical trainer if you hadn’t lost any weight or gained any muscle after 12 months.
  • You wouldn’t keep going to the same mechanic who failed to plug that oil leak for 12 straight months.

And you shouldn’t keep returning to Money Twitter for the next 12 months. Hoping that “this time, the giveaway I downloaded will totally unlock my business”.

There’s Good News – You Don’t Have to Waste the Next 12 Months.

Life is about learning. And right now – most Creators are in the phase of going through the painful experience of building a brand with no path to monetization. Many of them have figured it out and exited the system altogether.

Thank you for reading Signal Or Noise. This post is public so feel free to share it.


I don’t want that happen to you.

Because I’m on a mission. I want to help 1 million people escape the 9-5 system we’re all trapped in (because I fucking hate it and find it immoral). And that starts with helping as many human-oriented solopreneurs to make the fulfilling impact they want to.

And so – over the next 12 (idk 16) weeks, we’re going to plot a course out of this trap. We’re going to create the roadmap for you to create a profitable, impactful business that will allow you to make the impact that you want on the world.

And unlike so much of money twitter – I’ll be bringing everything I know from Product, Technology, and Marketing to help you build something special.

Maybe it’ll work. Maybe it won’t. But it will sure as hell be better than spending another 12 months chasing ghosts on Twitter.

Reply to this email with “I’m In” if you want to be a part of the first wave that actually escapes the Money Twitter Loop.

(or comment below if you signed up after this email went out :)

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