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One Last Rant on Money Twitter

Alright – I’m almost done ranting about Money Twitter.

Happy Friday.

I hope you’re wrapping up the week strong and the weekend is looking bright and full adventure.

I promise this is my last rant on Money Twitter. Everything from here is actions we’re taking to get out. BUTTTTTT……

Remember when you first joined Money Twitter? It was so alluring.

  • Post your ideas.
  • Help people 3 months behind you.
  • Work 4 hours a day
  • Make a ton of money.

It was a dream. Make money by sharing your knowledge and making the exact impact that you want.

And then you started the game.

  • Build followers.
  • Learn copywriting.
  • Build a personal brand.
  • Share your knowledge to build authority.
  • Find friends – share advice – grow together.

You did everything they said. You stayed consistent. You posted – even on the hard days. You wrote 3-5 tweets a day, 2 threads per week, and joined spaces.

And you waited for the clients to roll into your inbox like they promised.

But after spending months upon months of “building your personal brand”…

  • There’s no 4 hour workdays.
  • No dollars rolling in while you sleep.
  • No clients banging down your inbox to work with you.

What happened?

The Trap

You arrive on Money Twitter.

You got advice to “follow the big accounts in your niche and comment on their posts to gain authority and take their audience”. You’re not sure what “niche” means, so the first thing you do is go follow Dan Koe. Or Justin Welsh. or JK Molina. Or the Ship30 folks.

The Twitter algorithm says “oh boy – you must want to enter Money Twitter”. It starts serving you a bunch of other creators who are trying to build a personal brand on Twitter.

Your brain lights up. A bunch of people for you to help!


And about 6 weeks in (and 50 DMs later) you realize that everyone in Money Twitter is doing the same thing you are.

  • Self-development
  • Changing your life through copywriting and marketing
  • Helping people “build the dream lives”

And everyone that you want to help is trying to sell you the same help that you’re offering.

But that’s not all.

Your feed is filled with advice. An overload of advice.

  • You just need to be consistent.
  • Consistency is overrated.
  • Stop overthinking, just post.
  • You need to have quality, don’t just post shitty content.
  • Everyone is focused on content, but you should be building an email list.
  • Don’t worry about building an email list, build your twitter following first.

All day – every day. You’re told you should be doing something else.

Everything you’re doing is wrong, no matter what you’re doing right now.

And, crazy enough, no one’s really telling you what’s right. What you should actually be focused on. How to actually improve. Because that’s behind a paywall.

Help me reach more creators struggling to find their way on Money Twitter, Personal Branding Instagram/Tiktok, and Business Youtube.


“Don’t worry” says Money Twitter. “I totally know how to make you 10k a month like you were promised. All it’s going to cost you is a few thousand dollars, and you’ll be there in 30 days. I mean, look at my follower count – it’s huge right? Just give me some money and I’ll fix it”.

Do you see it? The message of Money Twitter?

“You can’t do this. You’re doing it all wrong. You’re not smart enough to figure this out. It’ll take you years to get where I am without my help. Just pay me and I’ll solve it for you”.

You might recognize this as pain-point marketing – but on steroids.

And this gets you (and thousands of purpose-driven creators) stuck in a loop of indecision, frustration, pivots, and (most importantly) stagnation. And if you’re like most of the creators that I know…

You’re 6+ months into “building a personal brand” – and it feels like you’re still stuck in first gear.

Let’s fix that.

Coming on Monday

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to focus on the foundations you’ll need to overcome the distractions of Money Twitter. This starts with understanding your mission.

  • What impact do you want to make?
  • Why do you want to make that impact?
  • How will you make that impact?

While this may already feel clear to you, if you’ve had trouble:

  • Sticking with one thing at a time
  • Focusing your content
  • Swapping out tactics like
    • Content Approaches
    • Email Lists
    • Newsletters
    • Landing Pages
    • Websites
  • Finding people who need your help
  • Ultimately getting clients to care about your offer

Then you’re lacking in either:

  • Mission Clarity
  • or Business Strategy Experience

Don’t worry – we’ll get to the marketing and business strategy in a few weeks. But those strategies aren’t useful if you don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish in the first place. So we’re starting there.


There will be an accompanying workbook that will allow you to work alongside the newsletter (and get some eyes on your handiwork while we’re at it) so that you get a ton of value out of the next twelve weeks.

I don’t want this to be “just another giveaway” that you download and forget about. I WANT YOU TO WIN, and I’m giving you access to my brain for free so that you can do just that.

I’ll see you on Monday – try not to get tooooo wild this weekend 😉



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