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Three Lessons from Battling Money X for Three Weeks

Your investment in yourself has helped me learn a ton on what help is needed.


I’m going to be moving this newsletter to a combination of ConvertKit and my website that’s in progress.

I’ll be sending an email later this week from the ConvertKit account, alongside something I’ve owed a few people for a ton of time: The Five Mistakes that New Creators Make When Building a Personal Brand.

I’ve learned three big lessons since we kicked this experiment off, and there are a few adjustments I need to make to ensure everybody gets as much value as possible from:

  • My Twitter Account
  • This Newsletter
  • The Goodies I’m Building Into My Website

But it takes some leveling up of my systems, automations, and tools. I’ll be back with more next week!

A Quick Update

This week, I’m coming to you with a short update from the War on Money Twitter battlefront.

Over the past three weeks:

  • 30 of you have joined the newsletter to understand how to move from “I’m building a personal brand on Twitter” to “I’m building an impactful, purpose driven business where I can leave the last impact I came to”.
  • 12 of you reached out to set up 1:1 half hour calls where I’ve been able to learn more about your mission, where you’re stuck, and talk about how you might consider moving forward on Twitter.
  • 10 of you utilized the workbooks to get clear on your mission and vision so that you can remember why you came to Twitter in the first place.
  • 3 of you signed up to work hands-on with me on a weekly basis, and I’ve been having an absolute blast custom-tailoring bespoke coaching programs to help move you from where you are today to a promising business model and brand strategy.

It’s an understatement to say how excited I am that you’re also seeing and feeling the gap between “grow a personal brand on Twitter” and “make money working 4 hours a day on meaningful work that makes an impact in the exact way you want”.

So many of us came to Twitter with an idea.

A vision.

And then we started the side-quest of Twitter Growth. And then the side-quest became the main quest. And the clear path forward was lost.

I’m excited by how many of you see this and want to reclaim your mission and actually accomplish what you wanted to.

And thanks to the time each of you took to invest in yourselves, you also helped me learn a ton rapidly. I want to share a few of those lessons and then talk about what’s next.

Lesson One: Reclaiming Vision and Purpose + Making it a Business In Two Weeks … Might be Moving a Little Fast

A ton of people filled out the first week’s workbook. And about two of you filled out the second week’s workbook. In feedback sessions, I’ve heard that there’s a number of different challenges jumping from “I wish I was doing this” to “here’s a reasonable business model for that”.

This can be:

  • Moving from a big picture “I want to help people find their purpose” to “here’s exactly how I’d help someone do that”
  • Sure, I want to help people in my own special way – but I haven’t done it before.
  • I don’t feel the thing that I want to do has any actual path to monetization

… and tons of other reasons.

Here’s what the data tells me. 10 people did the first workbook. 3 people did the second. There’s an obvious sticking point here.

And that’s likely because…

Lesson Two: This Newsletter Appeals To People at Different Purpose-Filled Business Stages

3 people who made it to stage two had a pretty clear idea of the business they wanted when they entered into the workbook flows.

Another 3 people legitimately pivoted their idea of what they wanted once they went through worksheet one.

And finally, a few folks had a hard time moving from the high level picture and identifying the skills/approach that would align to something they could sell.

Because of that – week three of the “War on Money Twitter” could go a number of ways to help folks.

For instance:

  • Some of you need help specifically on the Twitter part.
  • Some need help refining the vision.
  • Others need help finding your audience, on Twitter or otherwise.
  • Others need help narrowing down a message that could appeal to the audience you’re intending to build.
  • And some just need some help building confidence in the service/mission that you’d like to pursue.
  • etc, etc, etc.

There are different categories in there (luckily they are sequential), and each of them require varying levels of time investment – both from myself and from you.

And because of that, I’m going to work on segmenting the forms of help that I can offer so that you (and those that come after you) can get quicker wins based on where you’re currently at.

I’ll talk more about this in the next newsletter or two.

Lesson Three: It’s Really Cliche But… You Need Systems.

The moment that 30 replies and 12 documents started flying around my email, it became clear that managing this all manually, by hand, via loose Twitter DMs, emails, and Google Doc comments is rough.

My email inbox looks like a battlefield.

And each person who has filled out the workbooks is at different stages that I’m needing to hold in my head currently. And that’s not to mention folks responding to welcome emails, asking for free resources, etc.

So – I need a better system. So that less of my time is organizing, context switching, and searching. And more of it is offering help.

And that’s why I’m moving to ConvertKit. They offer much better organization around the audience, email automations, integrations (especially with my website), opt-ins/outs, etc.

So I’ll need a bit of time to get that organized and running.

All of that to Say…

I’m seeing a ton of ways that I can use my knowledge of product, tech, and marketing (+my personal experience through my life) to help everyone move from “building a personal brand on twitter” to “building a purposeful business that leaves a lasting impact on the world”.

I just need a little bit of time, and some additional maturity in the systems that I’m using.

And I need some adjustment in approach to the War on Money Twitter. I need to meet folks where they are in the sequential journey towards building a business.

Be back with more next week.

Thanks again for taking the journey with me!


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