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The Five Mistakes Creators Make (when building a personal brand)

a long overdue guide.

Once upon a time, in a place far – far away…

I promised a bunch of new newsletter subscribers a guide. It was called the 5 Mistakes that New Creators Make (when building a personal brand). And the guide wasn’t supposed to just tell you the mistakes. It was supposed to tell you what to do instead.

Now – all of my newsletter subscribers get instant access to this guide. So they received it today.

Bad News.

If you aren’t a subscriber – you didn’t get this free guide to your e-mail automatically.

Good News.

You can totally still get the guide.

whoa. holy shit.

It’s a new format for the newsletter. If you haven’t checked me out in a few weeks, you might have missed that I was moving my newsletter to ConvertKit. There’s a number of reasons why, but the biggest reason is to serve this audience much, much better.

Since I started speaking about “Escaping Money X” – I’ve had an influx of people looking for advice, meetings, clarity, audience discovery, offer creation, and more. And I’ve decided that each of these main topics could form the basis for a few programs to help folks solve this on their own (or apply for 1:1 coaching in these areas with different levels of involvement).

But in order to hit each of these topics, I had to mature the systems behind the scenes to make sure you’re getting the most relevant content to your inbox (and not shit you don’t care about). I’m not all the way there yet, but I’m on my way. Anyway…

This also coincides with…

the launch of this website.

In much the same way, trying to sequentially teach “escape money x” via a newsletter (while also having a ton of other helpful in-the-moment unlock ideas) was becoming challenging. What I needed was separate tools for separate jobs.

And so – in comes my website.

Right now – it’s there. It exists. Because getting something on the glass quick is an improvement over having nothing.

But in the future, this will be refined to offer specific roadmaps and courses that will meet each of you where you’re at in the Solo-business Roadmap.

I’ll have more on this roadmap later, it’s still in creation mode (muah-ha-hahha)

But, this website will actually let me effective meet everyone where they are, and guide them to the next stage at no-to-low cost. And if you end up wanting to work with me to speed that bad boy up, I’m definitely here for it ๐Ÿ™‚

what you can expect from this newsletter moving forward.

One piecemeal, immediately actionable tip to move your brand, business, and life forward. These will be a bit more atomic in nature, and will shorten the length of the newsletter a bit to make it quicker to get to value.

Here’s the type of things I’ll be going over here:

  • Giving one small, apply-it-in-five-minutes, tips that can change the trajectory of your solo-business. That will take the form of –
  • Diving into excellent content, and deconstructing it so you can use the patterns for yourself.
  • Showing you how I do market research (both inside and outside of Twitter) to find people’s audiences for them.
  • Behind-the-scenes on how I’m building my own business, and why I’m taking the steps I’m taking (so you can too).
  • And a monthly “AMA” where I’ll take your questions and pop out as many answers as I possibly can.

but wait! that’s not all.

Newsletter subscribers (like the ones who I send emails to) exclusive access and goodies that people who don’t subscribe will never see. These offers will not be listed on my website, or in this blog format here. They will only be available to the people who care enough about their development to get these tips to their inbox every month. You might want to subscribe.

  • Early access (and priority seating) to everything I create, including limited seat courses, small-group coaching, communities, and 1:1 coaching slots.
  • Subscriber-only access to monthly livestreams where I’ll interview one-impactful-knows-what-the-fuck-they’re-talking-about advisor, coach, or creator (paired with a nice lil opportunity to AMA with them).
  • Links out to my “best-ofs” from X, TikTok, and Youtube from the week so that you can make sure you’re catching any of the tips I’m giving there to.


that’s a fucking lot eh?

Maybe you’d like to subscribe (of course if you haven’t already).


For both of us.

Because I truly want to help as many people create a purposeful, impactful business as possible. The more people that win, the more I’m able to realize my mission.

I’m putting my heart and soul into this with you. I hope you stay along for the ride.

Until next week,


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